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Getting ready for the funagogical experience

Next week we start the “pre-course” for Connected Courses, which means that Jim Groom and Alan Levine (the masters) and I (the apprentice), are going to help course participants through the whys and hows of blogging for this course. As I will discuss when I facilitate the Co-learning segment, I’m along to learn as well as help teach, and one of the things I’ve learned is that fun is integral to the design of a course like this. Alan Levine didn’t think our syllabus page looked like fun, and when he and Jim and I discussed what we were going to do, the idea came up of doing a Hangout on Air as a “Blog Talk,” where “Click,” “Embed,” and “Link” could respond to questions posed via the #ccourses hashtag on Twitter — like the public radio program “Car Talk” ¬†and its unserious mechanics “Click and Clack.” Alan immediately whipped up a graphic. I was motivated to hunt for an animated GIF for the syllabus page for the Co-learning unit, and to figure out and debug how to post it on a WordPress page.